Picosense Inc. is developing the next generation of magnetic sensors. For the past years we have been working on a low cost, small size and high sensitivity magnetic device working at room temperature, with sub-picoTesla magnetic field detection capability.

Picosense's milimeter-scale device has an unprecedented level of sensitivity at low frequencies, low power, low volume and mass, achievable through an inovative integration of two emerging technologies: Magnetoresistive (MR) sensors and Microelectromechanical (MEMS) resonators.

At this point, Picosense is pursuing aplications in: (i) magnetocardiography (MCG), where we are developing a portable device capable of continuous monitoring of the human heart; (ii) magnetoencephalography (MEG); and also (iii) space science research, where the measurement of in-situ magnetic fields can provide crucial information about the physical processes occurring both within and outside the solar system.


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     pico- [prefix]                                                                  sense [tr.v.]
from spanish pico, beak, small quantity                            from latin sensus, the faculty of perceiving  
  one-trillionth, very small.                                             to become aware of; perceive. to detect.

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